Artist and designer based in Chicago. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellow (Anti Racism and Global Architecture History)

Freedom, baby, is never having to say you’re sorry (The Caravan)
On Protest and Capitalism
Video Installation - at Sullivan Galleries
On April 15th of 2019, Tax Day in the United States, I conducted an ambiguous protest with three white limousines in the city of Chicago. Through the choreographies of presidential motorcades, parades, and other performances of power, The Caravan calls into question currents methods of protest, public space occupation and its efficacy in a world where everything is fed and produced by capitalism. Its elements and sites visited (Grant Park, Haymarket Square, Ida B. Wells Blvd, Martin Luther King Drive, etc.) address both the history of protest, class, the problem of Whiteness and the natural phenomena of migration. The flags were flashing the following slogans: Automatic Protest Vehicle, Over Protest, Genuine Privileged Discomfort. The event was documented by a press car and a drone.

Video Installation: One curved 60” and two 48” monitors,  

This project was possible thanks to the support of: Ilona Gaynor, Andrea Hunt, Arnold Kemp, Dwayne Moser, Joshi Radin, Jonathan Solomon and Ryan Deemer.